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LOT #70 - Greg Noll / Mickey Dora DaCat - 1st Generation Reproduction

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This Greg Noll Mickey Dora Da Cat model was hand shaped by Greg Noll and signed personally by Mickey Dora and Greg Noll.  When they did the first run of 250 boards, the first 50 were special order.  As you can see, this is #17 /250, with Black rails and red pin lines with a black glass on fin quoted as Greg’s favorite.    The personally signed Mickey Dora Greg Noll Da Cat logo is exquisite with a personal signature on the bottom stated “Shaped by Greg Noll 17/250”.    Just recently a 2nd generation reproduction Da Cat, circa 1998 just sold for $19k.   Here is a chance to own this at $15,000, clearly worth over $20k.    This exact board color combination can be seen in Greg Noll’s book, The Art of the Surfboard  pg 105.  With this purchase of this board you also receive a copy of Greg Nolls book.  Don’t hesitate because it might not be there tomorrow.

Length 9’8.    

Year 1991-92   

Condition 10+ out of 10 - Original   

Serial #17.         

Price $15,000.             

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